Site Qualification

Together, we will qualify sites of excellence for clinical research.

Our site qualification offer is a combination of consulting and training services, focused to qualify sites for clinical research studies. Clinical investigation has contributed over time to the health care development and optimization in many therapeutic areas. Despite the great advances in terms of infrastructure and human resources, there is the need to train and capacitate health facilities in order to establish clinical research centres of excellence in main markets like Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico or even Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Based on the experience and knowledge developed by health facilities, Eurotrials aims to promote the site qualification as research centres through a single service, designed to the specific needs of each institution.

Sites Organisation and Management
  • Create standard procedures: SOP’s
  • Organize the centre’s documentation
  • Organize your team
  • Define the Management and Performance indicators
  • Present results to capture clinical trials and non-interventional studies for your institution
Sites Competences Development
  • Methodology in Clinical Research: obtain essential competences
  • Good Clinical Practices: update your knowledge in GCP
  • Ethic and Nacional Law: know the clinical trials guidelines
  • Regulatory Submission Process: master this process
Quality & Safety
  • Be ready for audits and inspections
  • Recognize your site responsibility in your clinical trial or non-interventional study pharmacovigilance
Development of professional competences 
  • The pharmacist role in a clinical trial: obtain the technical essential knowledge
  • Clinical Trials Study Coordinator: recognize the different types of clinical studies
  • Clinical Trials Investigator: know their responsibilities according to the different types of clinical studies