ExTra Remote SDV

A new approach to do Source Data Verification

Making the entire process of source data verification more efficient and cost-effective to the site and sponsor, while ensuring accurate study data at the same time is the purpose of ExTra Remote SDV.

Eurotrials is using a secure platform with controlled access that allows scanning source documents into a central repository, where they become viewable to our team.

A remote solution that saves costs in monitoring visits and associated travels and that can be adjusted according to customer monitoring needs.

In an evaluated case study the following results were obtained:

(Based on hours saved plus pass-through costs reduction versus in-house hours replacement)

In order to boost your results, we provide you with our ExTra Adaptive Monitoring, a solution that covers:

An integrated solution or one in which each option can be requested individually. Your results are our focus, but also our results. Are you ready to ExTra results?