ExTra In-House Monitoring

A new approach to monitoring Clinical Trials

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring Clinical Trials while decreasing costs in visits at the same time is the added value of ExTra In-House Monitoring. Underpinned by cutting-edge technology, our solution is based on reducing on-site Monitoring visits and increasing the efficiency of in-house work and site contacts, but still assuming up to 100% of on-site Source Data Monitoring.

In an evaluated case study the following results were obtained:


(Based on hours saved plus pass-through costs reduction versus in-house hours replacement)

An In-House CRA turns visits less disruptive and more valuable to the sponsor and site, increasing internal efficiencies simultaneously. Eurotrials In-House CRA is responsible for:

  • Performing remote monitoring visits
  • Training new team members after site initiation
  • Reviewing recruitment plan and enrolment updates
  • Following up and resolve issues from previous visits
  • Supporting site questions
  • Reviewing site payment status
  • Verifying case report form completeness

All of these tasks with one common feature: in-house, which provides extra monitoring capabilities like differentiation between accurate data and inaccurate data, point out incoherent or missing data and protocol deviations, explore data variation within and across sites, analyse their characteristics and select them for further quality control.

ExTra In-House Monitoring can be further empowered by our ExTra Adaptive Monitoring, a solution that encompasses In-House Monitoring, Remote SDV, and a Site Manager in order to enhance monitoring results.

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