Functional Service Provider

Increase productivity without compromising scientific integrity and quality.

For more than 20 years Eurotrials has been developing and upgrading a functional service provider approach. The outsourcing of staff to our partners is a key part of Eurotrials clinical research methodology. We provide various functional service provider solutions to multiple studies in different therapeutic areas, managing a full therapeutic portfolio and focusing on market access.

We can act in small scale support or in large and complex projects. As our partners range from small biotechs, medical devices companies, to large top biopharmas, we are flexible to offer and execute multi-region, full-service or standalone functional service provider solutions.

Our dedicated team focuses on our full range of services, including clinical studies monitoring, regulatory strategy, data management, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, start-up (from site identification to site initiation) medical writing and health economics.

〉  How is Eurotrials being successfull in a long-term partnership for FSP services with one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world?


In order to answer to the need to scale up or down quickly, as well as to avoid underutilizing resources, a strategic and proactive communication is promoted between Eurotrials and its partner.


Eurotrials has 20 years of experience in the business and knows you need highly local and regional experienced professionals.

Governance Model:

An effective governance operating model should be in place, Eurotrials Administration Board can be present in various elements of the governance, from overseer to active participant in the processes.

Governance meetings are regular in order to guarantee a successful FSP partnership. These meetings are held as often as necessary to ensure a clean and transparent communication between our team and our client.


By developing a strategy for staff retention and training, and also a program to better manage a team member departure/reassignment and on boarding, Eurotrials focus on the key aspects of a FSP partnership: stability and flexibility.