Observational Research & Registries

Continuously supporting the development of strategies and study implementations

With 20 years of experience conducting observational research, Eurotrials managed a variation of studies with different settings, designs, approaches and necessities, from cardiovascular areas, to oncology or neurology, generating the evidence needed to demonstrate the value demanded.

Observational research in real world is today one of the tools to get the answers for safety, effectiveness and quality to delineate the product’s performance and purpose. Observing groups of patients in the real world landscape, this studies provide the insights and data to connect the treatment to an outcome. This means the association between the medicine and its effectiveness and safety, key to understand its true value to society and other uses.

Our solutions:
  • Clinical monitoring and Project Management
  • Risk assessment
  • Assessment of real-world patient outcomes
  • Development of observational studies to prove product effectiveness
  • Development of evidence-based treatment guidelines
  • Product Registry
  • Disease Registry
Primary & Secondary Data Analysis:

The creation and evaluation of data sources should be analysed given the registry purpose and availability of the data. A given registry may have different objectives and integrate data from various sources. Some data may be collected directly for registry purposes (primary data collection), but important information also can be transferred from existing databases (secondary data collection). Eurotrials works with both types of sources of data, collecting and creating a meaningful and suitable databases or working with existing databases for the purpose of the project.