Real World Evidence & Outcomes Research

There is an ever increasing need to collect and analyze real-world epidemiologic and clinical evidence in different formats and from different sources in the biopharmaceutical environment. Eurotrials is aware of this requirement and provides the expertise and flexibility to gather and generate the real-world evidence you need.

Our Real-World & Outcomes Research Unit can target particular therapeutic areas or populations where relevant treatment outcomes are required to ascertain the effectiveness, safety, surveillance, risk management, acceptability, utilization and cost-effectiveness of a product. Whether you need an integrated or stand-alone solution, our team of pharmacoepidemiologists and our pharmacovigilance, regulatory and research operations experts will help you develop the right approach to ensure access to data on the benefits, risks and results of a treatment in a real-world setting.

Patient centered research using electronic patient reported outcome (PRO) systems to gather information on the particular concerns, circumstances and preferences of patients provides the supporting evidence that the biopharmaceutical and medical devices industry needs.

Using this approach, we support the product development lifecycle by combining different types of services: