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Partnerships are at the core of Eurotrials. Whether they are exclusive partnership agreements with major Pharmaceutical companies, both national and international, or partnerships with Biotech companies in collaboration with Patient Associations and Clinical Research Units, Eurotrials is a strategic partner of choice.

The collaborative research model, which is becoming increasingly important in the new R&D model, has always been fostered by Eurotrials. The search for strategic partnerships and alliances with these entities has been a constant throughout the life of Eurotrials and has been an important factor in consolidating its market position and assert its competitiveness.

Find below more information about real partnerships where Eurotrials is actively working with a networking of heterogeneous players of the industry.

CRO Eurotrials Partners

Achieving Recruitment success in Clinical Research

The 2CA-Braga assumes a leading position in Portugal as a top performer Clinical Research Centre after three years of developing clinical research studies. The 2CA-Braga has shown its leading capability in terms of clinical study management, with recruitment rates above 90% in their clinical research studies. Currently with more than 33 ongoing  clinical trials (from Phase II to IV) and 36 Investigator Driven Studies, the success of this Clinical Research Site has relied on several important factors, such as having a unique vision, a truly dedicated team, top management leadership and partnering with key stakeholders.

Eurotrials has been an active stakeholder of this partnership, contributing with its Strategic view on Clinical Research as well as providing direct support in the capacity-building process, making an important contribution to the success of this Clinical Research Site in Braga.

As this partnership continues to develop and mature we are pleased to announce that in January 2016, 2CA-Braga expects to launch the Phase I Unit and early stage studies. To learn more on this Clinical Research Site, clink on:


The 2CA-BRAGA is a Clinical Research Centre, located in the city of Braga, Portugal. It is a unique combination between the University of Minho (UM) and Hospital de Braga (HB) and Eurotrials with a focus on research, clinical care, education and training. The 2CA-Braga is closely connected with the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS-3Bs) and the School of Health Sciences (ECS) within the University of Minho.

Bioanalytical Partnership

Kymos Pharma Services, a Spanish CRO focused on comprehensive analytical development studies for pharmaceutical, as well as on bioanalysis of preclinical and clinical studies of small molecules, was chosen by Eurotrials as its bioanalytical partner. Given its large structure, liability and proven experience, the complementarity between the two companies will allow a complete solution and service offer to all biopharmaceutical industry in the development of clinical research projects.

This partnership expands the companies’ services capabilities to their clients and opens new global opportunities. “Kymos has a long history of providing excellent CMC and Bioanalysis solutions to sponsors and is viewed as a leader in driving clinical development success.” – Maria João Queiroz, Global CEO at Eurotrials. “With this partnership, we look forward to be part of the development of scientific relevant and innovative products, expanding our full-service approach and streamlining the market. We believe this partnership will build on the growing energy of our services and generate premium quality outcomes.”

With this goal, Eurotrials provides a single complete quality offer to the biopharmaceutical industry, from the preclinical stage to marketed products. Through this strategic partnership the companies complement capabilities and provide an a-to-z solution to facilitate quick and efficient development of innovative medicines.