HTA/Health Economics

Supporting the establishment of true product value.

We at Eurotrials understand that the industry must properly demonstrate and communicate value and identify the requirements of relevant stakeholders, as a fundamental part of the market access strategy to enable a successful product launch – health technologies that truly reach and impact patients’ lives.

Innovative and disruptive health technology is the main key driver for increased expenditure in governments and health authorities’ budgets. At the same time, patients’ demand grows alongside the aspiration for continuously improved standard of care. To solve this challenge in a framework of limited resources, third-payers and regulators rely on specific measures and systematic assessments that focus on two dimensions – the clinical and the economic – to achieve efficient resource allocation whilst maintaining equity in access.

Building on Eurotrials’ 20 years of scientific, clinical and operational expertise in the biopharmaceutical area, together with in-house know-how and existing synergies across departments (Real World & Outcomes Research, Biostatistics, Clinical Trials) we can identify and anticipate gaps in the product’s value proposition and offer advice on strategies to generate the right evidence regarding the efficacy/effectiveness, safety and technology implementation in a real-world setting.  The latter inputs may prove essential to create robust HTA assessments or Pharmacoeconomic Studies that respond to health authorities’ questions and demands.

For that reason, market access strategy is now, more than ever, linked to the product full lifecycle.

Health Economics
Health Economics & Outcomes Research:

The health economics studies have become increasingly more important over the last years, as they provide evidence that support an informed choice in the current scenario of multiple options.  Developed for new pharmaceutical products, medical devices and new health technologies, these studies are requested by several different agents in the industry and involve a specific approach and dialogue between regulators, the industry, health authorities and payers, in order to ensure strategic market access as the product has been approved.

With the cooperation between internal and external partners, Eurotrials Health Economics unit addresses this dynamic and complex activity with a proactive and strategic approach. Our team analysis each project independently, assessing direct and indirect costs, the impact of treatments, diseases and other conditions in the patients’ lives, and manages resources given the product requirements and regions.