Bioavailability & Bioequivalence Studies

Eurotrials can be your local partner of choice for BA/BE studies

Monitoring Activities

The monitoring of all the steps of a BA/BE study aims to ensure that all study data is obtained and processed in compliance with the clinical protocol and local legislation, ensuring the participant’s well-being first and, consequently, good results for the pharmaceutical industry in charge and for the population who will soon have access to a new generic drug.


It is crucial that the team assigned to collect and process biological samples conduct the clinical and analytical steps effectively and in compliance with the schedules and specifications determined by the clinical protocol.

From Clinical and Analytical to Statistical 

Our team of experts can work in any step of the study, from A to Z. In addition to the responsibilities to verify, in real time, if all procedures described have been performed within the time expected by the clinical protocol, the CRA has also to monitor the analytical step, ensuring the credibility and the excellence of the final results.

The Right Partner

Ensure your project is conducted by a high-quality CRO, with strong local experience and a team of professionals able to meet your needs.