July 2018

Did you know that approximately 1,4 million children under 15 years old suffer from irreversible blindness?

April 2018

Did you know that Multiple Sclerosis comes from latin ‘sclerae’ that means scar (or plaques or lesions) which develops in the brain or nervous system?

December 2017

Did you know that in 2014, WHO approved a Resolution in which psoriasis is recognized as a chronic, painful, disfiguring and non-communicable disease?

Phase II study of celecoxib with cisplatin plus etoposide in extensive-stage small cell lung cancer

July 2016

Cancer Invest. 2009 May;27(4):391-6
By: Arúajo AM, Mendez JC, Coelho AL, Sousa B, Barata F, Figueiredo A, Amaro T, Azevedo I, Soares M.

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Custo-Efectividade do Liraglutido: comparação de custos e benefícios relativamente a insulina glargina e sitagliptina

July 2015

Revista Portuguesa de Diabetes (Portuguese Diabetes Magazine); July 2015
By: C. Cardoso, C. Silva, J. Silva-Nunes, A. Fonseca


Função respiratória, hiperreactividade brônquica e asma na evolução de bronquiolite aguda. Estratégias e avaliação da resposta no recrutamento

July 2014

By: Ana Saianda, Sara Aguilar, Sandra Lobo, Raquel Gouveia, Filipa Negreiro, Tiago Silva e Teresa Bandeira

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September 2006

I World Congress of Public Health Nutrition/VII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition
By: Alves C, Ferreira E, Silva C.

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August 2006

22nd International Conference of Pharmacoepidemiology and Public Health, Lisbon, Portugal
By: Amado C, Alves C, Espiga M, Santos C, Silva C.

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The Prevalence of PTSD in the Portuguese Adult Population

May 2003

VIII European Conference on Traumatic Stress, Berlin, Germany
By: Albuquerque A, Soares C, Jesus P, Alves C.

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