Success Cases

The company’s success stands on pillars that have marked its personality since it was founded: creativity in finding solutions, unique technology, multidisciplinary expertise, solid experience and quality.

CRO Success Cases



The lack of country specific epidemiological data about the prevalence and incidence of a specific disease for which the publish data for different countries various between 1,4% and 25,6% was our client specific need.

The client required country specific epidemiological data to obtain specific statistics about the prevalence, incidence, population distribution and also the cost related to the disease diagnoses and treatment to apply and support the public heath decision to reimburse a specific vaccine for the prevention of the targeted disease.

Eurotrials was the selected CRO to perform the physician selection from 3 different specialities, to conduct the physician based study, the data management and statistical analysis and to report the study results.


Eurotrials cross –functional team and its large experience in conducting and analysing epidemiological data, fulfilled all the study goals and exceeded the client expectation regarding timelines and deliverables.

The study results, presented in ISPOR LATAM Congress in 2014, gave our client the opportunity to present near the country public health authority the evidence they needed to support a new vaccination plan for this specific disease and to publish specific country data about the epidemiology and clinical management of the disease.




The real-life data regarding severe hypoglycaemias is considerably rare and the available data  not only is mainly from retrospective sources, but also is not published in pear review publications.

The lack of country specific data in the prevalence of severe hypoglycaemias in the hospital emergency room setting, along with its correlation with the type of diabetes medication was our client specific research need. The client also required to know the economic impact of the hospitalization due to severe hypoglycaemias.


It is known that the implementation and conduction of clinical projects is very difficult in the emergency room setting. In order to overcome this challenge, Eurotrials developed a specific methodology based on a deep knowledge of the patient flow inside the hospital and the medical/nurses team’s schedules and rotation. Taking this factors into consideration, the company developed for each of the seven hospitals involved a site specific model for screening /recruitment, which resulted in excellent outcome for our client, since Eurotrials was able to include 238 patients in 12 months, less 4 months then the predicted initially and anticipate the final deliverable for its client.

The results from this project have been presented in different scientific forums and congresses (11st Diabetes Portuguese Congress, XV Endocrinology Portuguese Congress, 21st Internal Medicine Congress and 17th European ISPOR Congress) and were submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

  • Phase I Study in Familiar Amyloidosis Polineuropathy (FAP) – 1 single participating site recruited 23 patients and was Worldwide Top recruiter. The world top recruiter Site was Portugal, with 201 patients.
  • Phase III Worldwide Cardiovascular Study (Angina pectoris) with demanding inclusion criteria. Eurotrials initial target was 450 patients, being updated later to 700 patients. Eurotrials was able to recruit 853 in 44 centers. Brazil overpassed the target, with a recruitment rate of 121,9%.
  • Ongoing Phase III Worldwide Dyslipidemia Study – 6 Portuguese sites recruited so far 200 Patients with additional 20 patients currently in screening, being the top recruiter country.
  • Worldwide phase III study in Stroke in Brazil – 1022 patients recruited in 23 research sites. The world top recruiter was Brazilian, with 202 patients. The study was successfully audited twice by the sponsor.
  • Ongoing Phase III Nephrology Study – Hyperparathyroidism secondary in Renal Chronic insufficiency Patients – 43 patients included and Portugal was in the TOP 3 recruiting countries.
  • European Ophthalmology Phase III study in Glaucoma – In Portugal, 299 patients were recruited in 3 research sites.