Given the demanding national and international regulations in clinical research activities, along with the risk-based monitoring approach, outsourced Quality Services has gained higher relevance.

Taking these market needs into account, Eurotrials has a Quality Department crossing Europe and Latin America: Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

Our qualified auditors with large experience in clinical trials, quality control and support in the conduct of GCP audits, our knowledge in ICH-G, local legislations and our connections with Quality Associations – members of Research Quality Association (RQA) – ensure that your project is always ready for an inspection. As a strategic partner, Eurotrials offers you services through all the clinical research, from early to late phases.

All of this experience turns into the following numbers:


5 Biopharma Preferred Provider Agreements
11 Biopharma Validations
137 External Audits & Inspection to Eurotrials
107 Clients Audits20 ISO Audits1 FDA Inspection9 GCP Inspections