Industry Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the clinical development business, Eurotrials supports projects of different investigational products: Pharmaceuticals, Generics, Biologics, Biosimilars, Medical Devices, Biotechnologicals, and Fixed Dose Combinations.

Industry Expertise

The success of any clinical trial project is closely linked with the quality standards and commitment of the right partner.

The necessary expertise of different legislations, landscapes, regulatory procedures and even the awareness of different culture impacts are at the core of a CRO’s service offer. The local and international expertise of different conjugations of needs, and for distinct investigational products, is key to a successful project in clinical research.

As so, sponsors might want to work with partners well established in the region, with a local staff comfortable with different regulatory landscapes and cultural issues and flexible enough to meet deadlines, maintaining the high quality standards required through all the project.

Eurotrials offers innovative solutions to different investigational products, from Pharmaceuticals, Generics, Biologics, Medical Devices, BiosimilarsFixed Dose Combinations to Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals.

Investigational Products

Did you know?
Eurotrials has more than 150 committed employees with experience across various technical areas and with special focus on cardiovascular, oncology, ophthalmology and respiratory diseases.