Clinical Lab

To leverage research projects under the scope of primary health care

We are pleased to be associated to the CLINICAL LAB project, sponsored by Merck, Sharp & Dohme. This is a huge relevant project for professional training of primary health care in conducting clinical and epidemiological research, contributing to the encouragement and promotion of research in Portugal.


Clinical Lab is an innovative project of free scientific consulting for general medicine, resulting from a partnership between Eurotrials and Merck, Sharp & Dohme. This project aims to encourage the fulfilment of research within primary health care, supporting the researcher in solving issues identified in the research design or throughout its implementation.

Based on the assumption of shared issues between the researcher and the Eurotrials team, CLINICAL LAB aims to contribute decisively to the development of the know-how of health professionals. It is intended that in the future these professionals are better able to develop new projects independently, ensuring maximum quality and contributing to the recognition of the excellence of the research carried out by teams of Primary Health Care (PHC) in Portugal. From Brazil, Eurotrials expanded to other markets in the region, performing studies with the same quality and always combining ethics to the results.