Study Start-Up

Rely on an experienced team so you can focus on key fundamental goals.

The process of initiating a clinical trial or non-interventional study has great impact on patient recruitment, trial length and costs. Study start-up is the most resource demanding stage in a study’s life cycle, and as so, any increase of time or accountabilities during this period has direct consequences in logistics and financial investment.

To reach our partners’ goal of site activation within the defined time and budget, our study start up team can manage all the activities involved in this stage, such as country selection, pre-study visits, site selection and feasibility, regulatory support and document submission, contract and budget execution and protocol changes management.

We proactively work with our partners in order to elevate strengths and getting the most of each organization information and resources. This close collaboration approach is key to enabling rapid study start-up in the complex clinical development environment.

Our team is highly specialized and has a deep knowledge of different country regulatory environments, including our local team at Latin America.

study start up
Documentation regulatory readiness:

Eurotrials has a deep understanding of all the critical documentation you need for your clinical trial program or non-interventional study and we will work to make sure it is ready and in compliance.

Patient recruitment focus:

Our clinical studies team is ready to set up a patient recruitment strategy for each study, and can act quickly to any future protocol amendments. We also have local experts who have a deep knowledge of regional regulatory environment, maintaining a constant up-to-date regulatory focus, as any change can have high impact on timelines.

Strong relationships with sites and regulators:

Eurotrials study start-up team is highly experienced and hold long relationships with sites and regulators, which is key to getting approvals and contracts finalized to a site ready status and maintain the site through to close out.

As Latin America has a challenging regulatory environment, our local specialized team manages your study with care and market-focus, overcoming any future hurdle with their expertise and long experience in the field.