Risk Sharing Projects

One size does not fit all.

For any medicinal product, whether you are a large company or a small biotech, Eurotrials provides support through all stages of your product’s lifecycle.

Since new health technologies are typically very costly for the public payer and taking into account that the decisions are always characterized by uncertainty, payers are becoming increasingly assertive regarding products whose costs aren’t perceived as in line with perceived performance.

Risk Sharing Agreements (RSA) can serve as an extremely useful approach, but they’re not a “one size fits all” model that applies to all situations.

Consequently, one of the biggest trends seen is the proposal of decision makers to share the risk concerning a new and expensive medical technology reimbursement with the technology provider.

RSA have taken on many forms and can be broadly divided into financial and performance-based agreements.  Financial-based agreements often involve setting limits on the price of a given drug or the quantity that can be purchased.  Performance-based agreements link payment to negotiated outcomes.

Implementing RSA requires not only lengthy negotiations and potentially costly administration, but also the ability to efficiently and effectively capture real-world evidence.

Our solutions:
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk analysis/evaluation
  • Regulatory Agencies negotiation Medical communication
  • Observational study strategies and execution
  • Pharmacovigilance activities
Our Team:

The highly qualified and expertized team at Eurotrials may assist you in the development of a personalized strategy of a risk-sharing scheme and in its negotiation with the decision makers.