Market Access Consulting

Focus on reimbursement, targeted market access and pricing.

Big or small companies from the pharmaceutical industry must focus on a market access strategy from the beginning, ideally with your product at the clinical development stage. To achieve this ultimate goal, it is crucial to start collecting data and to demonstrate commercial potential for the market from the earliest activities, so your project can have an optimal return on investment.

Eurotrials aligns two of its main units – Real World & Outcomes Research and Health Economics – to offer a full package of services with this goal on focus, generating the evidence you need through all the process and economically evaluating the potential of your product.

Market Access Strategy:

Starting by gathering the right quality data from clinical development, it is necessary to demonstrate the products potential for the market, always aligning the payers’ expectation with real world data prior to launch. With complex healthcare systems, Eurotrials can help you with the negotiation and communication of pricing and product additional value to payers, which will give your product the best return possible through reimbursement.

Our market access consultants work with you during all your product lifecycle to map out disease profiles and plan market application. We can either collect the evidence required to present compelling value and outcomes data to each stakeholder, or we can work with previously created databases.

Eurotrials can help you with key information for market access success at different markets:

  • Payer trends, and drivers of market access success
  • Pricing policy and regulations in key markets
  • Regulatory agency requirements and policies that govern market approval, and the impact on reimbursement decisions
Market Access Implementation: connecting patients, regulators and providers

Eurotrials can help you gain insight into the patient viewpoint by providing patient support and collecting rich data on intervention and patient outcomes. By connecting different players, from payers, patient associations to providers, we help you create and present patient specific value dossiers that meet requirements for product commercialization and reimbursement.