Market Access & Health Economics in Portugal: Eurotrials supports market access strategy

market access portugalIn 2016, INFARMED (the Portuguese National Authority of Medicines and Health Products) approved 51 innovative drugs and 6 generics, which is a 38% increase of marketing authorizations conceded when compared to 2015. One of the main highlights is the oncology area, with 13 new drugs, and new treatments for rheumatic diseases, HIV, hepatitis C and Parkinson disease.…

Eurotrials joins Rare Disease Day 2017 Commemoration

Eurotrials joins Rare Disease Day 2017 CommemorationOn 28th February, Rare Disease Day will be held, and patients living with a rare disease, their families, healthcare professionals, researchers and the whole industry will come together in solidarity to raise awareness of rare diseases. This years’ theme is “With research, possibilities are limitless”, highlighting the importance research has for the understanding of these…

Clinical Trials in Mexico: ideal location for drugs and devices


  According to Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP, in an article entitled Mexico’s Healthcare Opportunities: Growing Demand for Private Sector Alternatives, Mexico is today an ideal location for clinical trials conduct, both for biopharmaceutical and medical devices products. The reasons presented are well trained researches (with studies in USA and Europe), medical trial data which…



Eurotalks is an event organized by Eurotrials to present and discuss the latest trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry to its partners.


Eurotalks, hosted by Eurotrials, is an event created to share experiences, new trends and other challenges regarding clinical research to Eurotrials partner professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.


Eurotalks in numbers


Having attendees from various scientific areas, from clinical trials to market access professionals, the event aims to encourage the debate of innovative and efficient ways to deal with the industry current evolving panorama. With a different subject every edition, Eurotalks past 3 editions had more than 100 participants, with 16 hours of shared experiences.

Some of the presented subjects were: Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies, Real World Evidence, Extended Access and Compassionate Use, and Outcome Research and Registration Renewal Studies in Brazil. These subjects were chosen given the attendees’ suggestions, the industry’s latest trends and the market progression.


In 2016, Eurotrials will organize Eurotalks first edition in Lisbon, given the success of the precedents editions in Brazil.



Our Speakers


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Maria João Queiroz, Global CEO
Maria João Queiroz started her career with a Degree in Medicine and a Specialisation in Immuno-Haematology, followed by a Post Graduation in Switzerland. After working as University Professor and Doctor in the Santa Maria Hospital, decided to create Eurotrials in 1995.


Ana Patacão, Regulatory & Data Sciences Global Director
With 20 years of experience in the field, Ana Patacão has a Degree in Pharmacy and a Post Graduation on Pharmaceutical Medicine. With previous experiences in pharmaceutical companies as Head of Data Management, Clinical Operations Manager and Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance Manager, Ana started functions at Eurotrials in 2011, joining the team as Lead Clinical Research Associate.


Luís Veloso, Medical Writing Manager
With a degree in Biology, Luís Veloso joined Eurotrials in 1997 as Clinical Monitor and entered in an Internal Training Program. In 1998 was promoted to Senior Monitor and Project Manager until 2007, when he had the chance to become CRF Developer. In 2008 joined the medical team as Medical Writer, team that manages nowadays. Luís had participation in several publications and articles, including in highly accessed and recognised magazines.

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Catarina Silva, Health Economics Manager
With 15 years of experience in the field of Clinical Research, Epidemiological Studies and Pharmacoeconomics projects, Catarina Silva has a Degree in Statistics and Operational Research, joining Eurotrials team in 2000 as Statistical Operator and Statistician. In 2005 was promoted to Senior Statistician and Biostatistic Coordinator until 2011, when became Head of Biostatistic and Senior Statistician and Medical Writing. Nowadays Catarina manages the Health Economics area and participates in several publications.

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Liliana Cunha, Real World and Outcomes Research Country Director
With a Degree in Biotechnology Engineering and previous experiences as Research Assistant, Liliana Cunha joined Eurotrials in 2007 as Epidemiological Studies Associate, being promoted in 2008 to Clinical Research Associate. In 2011 Liliana became Line Manager and Project Manager until 2013, when she accepted the challenge of becoming the Country Director of Real World and Outcomes Research.

Imagem AP BDBE

Anderson Porto, Clinical Trials Country Director at Brazil 
Anderson Porto, RN, MBA, PMP® – Joined Eurotrials in 2008 with expertise in Global Project Management and Leading multidisciplinary project teams. Currently act as Country Director being responsible for the Clinical Trials Business Unit in Brazil.

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Rodrigo Athanazio, Medical Advisor
Rodrigo Athanazio started his career with a degree in Medicine in 2005 followed by specialisation in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology. He achieved his PhD degree in Respiratory Medicine in 2016 which has been his area of research interest in the last 8 years. Joined Eurotrials in 2010 as Medical Reviewer of Clinical Studies and became Medical Advisor since 2013, where has been playing several roles in medical writing, medical reviewing, teaching & training and adjudication committees.


Karina Sobreira, Clinical Research Associate  
Karina Sobreira, graduated in Biomedical Sciences, started her career in 2009 as Study Coordinator of Bioequivalence/Bioavailability, Phase I and III studies. In 2014, joined Eurotrials as a Clinical Research Associate, her main responsibilities are monitoring Phase I-IV and responsibible for planning, training, coordinating and monitoring Bioequivalence / Bioavailability studies.

Attend Eurotalks


Eurotalks is a closed and invitation-only event, hosted by Eurotrials to its partners from the industry. The event has no registration option and no fee included.

If you are interested in attending Eurotalks, please contact us send an email to Your request will be analysed and if accepted, you will receive Eurotalks program and invitation by email.